How to wash silk

How to wash silk 

Hand wash

 wash by hand in Cold water, be careful with the garment. Do not rub on stains and do not twist the garment to remove excess water. Treat carefully and roll in a towel to remove excess water before hanging up the garment on a hanger.

Machine wash at Very low temperature.

If you have a modern washing machine, it’s gentler for the garment to wash it with the silk program than using hand wash. After washing, much of the excess water is gone and you can hang the garment directly on a hanger to dry.

A good tip is also to steam the garment to freshen it up quickly. Steam does not just take away creases, but also kill off bacteria.

Silk is natural fiber so BEWARE to treat with Care.

Silk is made from cocoon wires from a silk butterfly larva and consists of 100% natural material.